The 1,000-Mile Great Lakes Adventures

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Segment 3, Day 1 Pier Cove->Douglas 5 miles

High of 37 degrees, winds 30mph, gusting to 40mph!

My son, Lucas, joined me on this segment. We had the wildest weather of the trek so far on our first day. Five inches of snow fell at our house (about 90 minutes inland from the lake), so we knew the lake would be pretty worked up from the storm.

The waves were giant and the wind relentless. Lucas even tried using his backpack as a windbreak for a while (photo below). We began north of South Haven due to the weather and I added a day to this segment (Thursday) to return to the lake to cover the part we missed this first day.

The going was slow since the wind was constantly in our face. We had to shout to be heard over the crashing waves. At times we had to quickly scale the large rocks and hang on when an especially large wave tried to grab us!

Honestly, it was FANTASTIC!!

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