The 1,000-Mile Great Lakes Adventures

Sunday, January 17, 2016


Loreen Niewenhuis is an author, adventurer, and Great Lakes speaker. She has completed a trilogy of 1,000-mile adventures exploring the Great Lakes and has written three books about the Great Lakes [A 1,000-Mile Walk on the Beach *a Heartland Indie Bestseller*A 1,000-Mile Great Lakes Walk *winner of the Great Lakes Great Reads Award*, and A 1,000-Mile Great Lakes Island Adventure]. To learn more about her work, or to book her as a speaker, go to

Many birds migrate to and from the Great Lakes region. I am spending some time along the coast in North Carolina this month and I've noticed several species of birds that spend the mild months along the shores of our Great Lakes.

The sanderling is one of the hardest working shorebirds. It constantly scurries along the edge of the waves looking for its next meal.


I am also keeping an eye out for piping plovers. The Great Lakes subspecies of this bird is endangered. It spends the mild months in the Great Lakes and migrates to the Gulf of Mexico and southern Atlantic coast for the winter. 

 Nesting areas are protected in the Great Lakes.
Piping Plover on North Manitou Island.