The 1,000-Mile Great Lakes Adventures

Monday, April 2, 2012

A Touch of Italy on Lake Erie!

I love staying in B&Bs while on my adventures. I meet great people who know the history of not only their B&B, but also of their town. Owners are often generous with their time and knowledge and sometimes they go so far beyond in their efforts to welcome guests.

Deb and Jim Pufnock, owners of A Touch of Italy B&B in Port Clinton greeted me with open arms. Deb was thrilled that I was beginning my adventure in Port Clinton. She even created a welcome sign for me and put it outside with a bunch of balloons!

Deb and Jim have transformed this historic home in Port Clinton into one of the best appointed B&Bs I have ever seen. From the game room and veranda on the third floor, to the massage room and mini-gym in the basement, there is fun on every floor.

{photo: Deb by the mural she painted in the dining room}
Deb was also gracious in contacting local media about my first book and new adventure. She even contacted local businesses who sent over a huge gift bag of local products!

Two reporters came to the shores of Lake Erie to take photos and wish me well on my journey.

If your travels take you anywhere near Port Clinton, be sure to stay at A TOUCH OF ITALY B&B!


  1. You couldn't ask for a better send off then from the friendly folks from Port Clinton.