The 1,000-Mile Great Lakes Adventures

Friday, April 27, 2012

Driven by Erma!

I hiked 59 miles in three days to arrive in the town of Sebewaing.

Bay City -- the ending point for the first part of my adventure -- is over 30 miles away from Sebewaing and there was nowhere to stay in between.

So, I asked the owner of Rummel's Tree Haven B&B if she would drive me to a park on Saginaw Bay the final two days of this part of my hike.

The first day I would hike back to Sebewaing, the final day I'd hike to Bay City.

So, Erma (in first photo ) graciously chauffeured me, allowing me to cover the final stretch to Bay City, Michigan.

Thank you, Erma!

The final photo here is of the century-old maple tree that grows through the porch roof at Tree Haven.
Location:Sebewaing, MI

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  1. I love when people work with nature. Especially when it has been there a lot longer then we have been there!