The 1,000-Mile Great Lakes Adventures

Sunday, April 8, 2012

An Artist's View of Lake Erie

Sally Thompson (in photos below) read my first book and contacted me about meeting up when I passed near her on this current adventure. I have met many wonderful people this way and so we coordinated schedules and set a place to meet.

Sally told me that she is an avid kayaker, so I consulted with her about how best to cross some waterways and to get around a power plant near her. She went out of her way to check out an old trestle bridge and even spoke with a power plant worker for me!

The western edge (leeward edge) of Lake Erie is incredibly marshy, so I was not able to walk the shoreline much. Sally drove me to an access point near the power plant where there was a little beach.

We even found a dead egret there and Sally procured the skull for her collection!

Okay, not as creepy as it sounds when I tell you that she is an artist and she uses the skulls to sketch and study. The photo here is of her business card featuring one of her paintings.

Sally shows her work in several galleries on the east side of the state and is looking to show on the west side (so...any of my Lake Michigan friends who have contacts at galleries looking for new artists, please connect them with Sally through her blog: Artist Sally Thompson's Blog


  1. I am not surprised that you make new friends everywhere you go! I enjoy following your adventures.