The 1,000-Mile Great Lakes Adventures

Saturday, April 7, 2012

All the Livelong Day!

Linda and Nate Brinkman have a special feature at their B&B in NW Ohio: their very own 1/8th scale railroad!

Nate (below in his train barn) is a retired boilermaker and master welder and he has always loved trains.

When he retired, he decided to lay track around their house. "Friends told me I was a good wife to support Nate with his train dream, but I had a dream, too," Linda told me.

Linda's dream was to expand their house, move their living space into the new upstairs, and make the downstairs into a B&B. The merging of two dreams became the B&B Railroad Depot in Oregon, Ohio (just east of Toledo).

Nate gave me a ride on his train (that's me riding the train and waving).

I had a restful night and a delicious breakfast before continuing my hike westward to Toledo.

B&B Railroad Depot
Location:Oregon, Ohio


  1. Yummy! I'd by tempted to walk just for the delicious food on your blog.

  2. Napoleon said that an army travels on its stomach...also true of hikers!