The 1,000-Mile Great Lakes Adventures

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lake Trek Anniversary

Today (March 16) is the anniversary of the beginning of my 1,000 Mile Walk on the Beach. The weather today is similar to a year ago when I stood on the end of Navy Pier in Chicago. The sky is bright blue and the morning is brisk. The day will warm to almost 60 degrees, just like a year ago.

I will admit to being a little apprehensive about that first segment of the Lake Trek. I had 70 miles mapped out along the southern rim of the lake. I had to walk through the southside of Chicago, past many steel mills, through the BP refinery, through Gary, Indiana. There would be stretches of beach, but longer paths flanked by industry, abandoned factories, and power plants.

It's been a year since the beginning. I still feel pulled back to the lake, and it feels strange to not be out there walking, or at home mapping out the next segment. Instead, I am hard at work on the manuscript of the book about my adventure. I've gotten several e-mails asking when the book will be released. The book proposal is on the desks of several publishing houses at this moment. I will keep you posted as the manuscript has its own adventure in the publishing world.


  1. Happy anniversary! I'll bet you miss it. Maybe you should plan to spend a week Up North, in a cottage, writing.

  2. I do miss it! I'm just glad that the book tour will allow me to retrace my steps. And you promised to take me to that happy cat bag store when I'm up north again.

  3. "Happy Anniversary you on my mind!" and apparently others do as well. My cousins asked about your plans to stroll through Northport past their house. I told them I'd ask...that maybe you got those lost miles during the lighthouse adventure. If not....

    maybe a recon trek is in your future????

    Have a great day,...find a dog, throw sticks. Find a downed tree, climb over it, find a puddle, get your feet wet, find a dead animal, take a picture ;o},

    miss ya,

  4. Stew!

    I did hike some of the tip of Leelanau Peninsula while at the lighthouse and explored Northport a bit (nice bookstore there--Dog Ears Books!).

    You forgot 'Fall In' in your list.

    Hey, the next video will be of the segment you hiked with me. I hope to get that up this week. I'll e-mail you when it's live.

    Hope you are well and happy in the mountains,