The 1,000-Mile Great Lakes Adventures

Monday, June 18, 2012

Awakened to the Call of Loons

My hike has taken me through industrial and urban areas. Now as I head farther north, I am entering the more wild and rugged places along the edges of our Great Lakes.

Arriving in the small community of Presque Isle, I stayed at The Presque Isle Lodge, a B&B with almost a century-long history. This rustic loge was built in 1920 by a furniture manufacturer based in Bay City, Michigan. They made rustic, handmade furniture and wanted a place to showcase their creations. They built the lodge before electricity was even available in the area!

The Spencer family purchased the lodge over 25 years ago. It had been vacant for many years, so they spent the first couple of years lovingly restoring the place.

The inn is huge --around 10,000 square feet -- but much of this is common area as seen in these two photos. There is also a wrap around, screened porch and lots of seating in the quiet back yard. The lodge has the largest remaining collection of the handmade "Habitant" furniture found anywhere.

The Lodge also has frontage on Grand Lake across the street. I spent a restful hour there swinging on a lakeside hammock. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

My bedroom faced Grand Lake and in the morning I awoke to the loons calling to each other across the calm waters.


  1. I just "stumbled on" your blog... WOW. Thanks for this. What an adventure. Thanks for the Indie Bookstore links. Keep the posts coming...

  2. What a wonderful find, Reen. And the loons, what can I say about the loons?? They are so special! It sounds like you found a magical place.Mom

  3. Hi Loreen! We chatted on a bus a few weeks ago, I was on my way to Pictured Rocks. I have to say, it was an amazing place. Hope your journeys go well and you stay cool in the heat!

  4. Sounds lovely, Loreen. I kept thinking you were staying on Presque Isle (near Marquette) although that's impossible because they don't have any houses on it. Always admiring your sense of adventure!

  5. I have literally just finished reading 'A 1000- Mile Walk on the Beach' and am stunned to find out you are doing it again! Go girl!!! From a fellow Lake Michigan lover in Grand Haven.