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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Thimble Berries and Petroglyphs

While hiking along Lake Superior near Copper Harbor, the thimble berries were in bloom.  

Ben and I stopped to pick them along the way.

The leaf of the thimble berry plant is quite distinctive... is the berry, so mistakes in identifying them...

...are rarely made...just kidding!  They were delicious!

A friend in Copper Harbor directed our hike to an area nearby that had petroglyphs (carving on stones). The authenticity and dating of some of these is still in question, but one of them (the ship) is now protected under glass.  For a better photo of and more information about these petroglyphs click HERE or HERE

This house petroglyph looked rather recent

This ship may tell the tale of the copper trade through this area over a three thousand years ago

A "sungod" symbol (circle with cross) and a figure with a bird head

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