The 1,000-Mile Great Lakes Adventures

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

North Manitou Island

While hiking along Lake Michigan on this adventure, I wanted to make sure I explored the 
Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore
more fully.  

On my first hike I was moving pretty quickly. 
I averaged 16 miles a day. 
This time, I wanted to slow down a bit and enjoy this "Most Beautiful Place in America."

I also wanted to get out to the Manitou Islands. They are part of the National Lakeshore, too. So I headed out to North Manitou Island for several days of camping and hiking.

The Mishe-Mokwa ferry to the island

North Manitou Island

Hiking the shoreline

I had perfect weather while on the island. No rain and warm nights. Can't ask for any more than that when you're camping!

Dunes flanking the shoreline

Ahhhh...a fire, a mug of hot tea, and a NYer!

Swenson's barn

There are two gorgeous barns on the island. 
There used to be a couple hundred people living and working on these islands, and remnants of that time still exists. 

Inside Swenson's Barn

Taking a break from the hike

Markers on the island tell you when you are "Entering Wilderness"!

North Manitou is mostly wilderness. When you leave the village area, markers let you know that you are entering wilderness where deer run and coyote yip at night. 

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