The 1,000-Mile Great Lakes Adventures

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Friends along the way

The idea of a 1000-mile hike probably sounds pretty lonely, but I have times where I meet up with friends, am tracked down by family members, and even make new friends along the way.

I caught up with Mary Catterlin and Amy Lukas on my way north for this last leg of my hike. 
Mary and Amy have spent the summer paddling and sometimes sailing this little, handmade dugout canoe (with outriggers) around Lake Michigan.

Mary and Amy with their boat called Makeba

Amy and I had met for lunch to discuss the Lake Michigan shoreline before they began their adventure in July. They are now in the homestretch of their adventure and I was delighted to see their boat and drive them to Ludington for lunch. We had a great visit and discussed the importance of having adventure in our lives!

Me, Mary, and Amy (L to R) in Ludington

I caught up with Stef Staley, the Executive Director of the Grand Traverse Lighthouse. We had met back in 2009 shortly after my first hike when I was a volunteer keeper at the lighthouse. Stef rolled out the grill and cooked up a great dinner at the lighthouse to greet me on my hike this time. It was a perfect night on the tip of the Leelanau Peninsula. 

Me with Stef Staley

My sister, cousin and her daughter (Leslie, Milene, and Allie) caught up with me in Leland and I took a day off to hang out (and SHOP!!) with them. 

Allie, Milene, and Leslie (L to R)

There's nothing like a day of shopping to make me long to hike all day!

They saw me off at the dock when I caught the ferry to North Manitou Island

I caught up with my friends Bill & Jan in Glen Arbor. They came to several events on my book tour last year and we became fast friends. 

Me, Bill, & Jan 

One nice thing about visiting with friends is that they sometimes snap a photo of me as I'm leaving and then send it to me later (thanks Bill & Jan!).


  1. Hey! I went over and caught up with the Makeba girls..had asked about them at Dog Earred Books in Northport this summer. While reading their blog, they mentioned meeting up with canoe man - Scott and his family where they spent the night and swapped wave tales. Too funny...while looking at their picture, I realized that Scott's wife was a high school friend of mine....haven't seen her in years!! "It's a small world afterall....." You had amazing weather on N. Manitou. A band friend of mine just returned from there...I'm jealous! (but the misty rain showers on my beach day helped me find my most worthy petoskey stones)

    cheers! friend~

    1. Hey!

      Very small world, though the lake is still quite large!