The 1,000-Mile Great Lakes Adventures

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Look Back...

Loreen Niewenhuis is an author, adventurer, and Great Lakes speaker. She has completed a trilogy of 1,000-mile adventures exploring the Great Lakes and has written three books about the Great Lakes [A 1,000-Mile Walk on the Beach *a Heartland Indie Bestseller*A 1,000-Mile Great Lakes Walk *winner of the Great Lakes Great Reads Award*, and A 1,000-Mile Great Lakes Island Adventure]. To learn more about her work, or to book her as a speaker, go to

Three years ago today, I completed my
 in Niagara Falls, Ontario, along the Niagara River Recreational Trail. 

Hiking amidst the fall leaves

I hiked with a fantastic group of people who came to the falls to join me for the final miles of my adventure.

We had lovely weather the first day, hiking among the bright colors of fall.  Our break the first day was at a winery along the way. We stopped for wine and cheese. 

That's classy hiking!

My Mom and her friends, Niki and Peggy

Jan and Marlene

My sister (Leslie), Me, and my cousin (Milene)

Niagara River merging with Lake Ontario

Hikers Day 2

Overlooking the Niagara River

The Falls

Hikers celebrate the end of the hike

How time flies! 
Since the finale of this adventure, 
I have completed my third Great Lakes Adventure.

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My Great Lakes Trilogy

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