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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Waterfront Trail Part 2

Here are some more images from the Waterfront Trail in Ontario.  These photos span the distance between the cities of Port Hope and Scarborough.

Port Hope, Ontario

Old meets new along the waterfront trail

Not exactly the most scenic part of the trail...

That's right, the trail goes through the nuclear power plant's land!

It may seem odd to put the trail through these industrial areas, but part of the purpose of the trail is to bring attention to the waterfront and to make people aware of what is going on along the shoreline and to assist in the protection and regeneration of Lake Ontario. 

And underneath high voltage wires!

All power plants have a "buffer zone" around them to minimize their impact on surrounding populations. The trail winds through some of these areas giving bikers and hikers a close-up look at these installations.

And right up to GM's Canadian headquarters

There are also some natural areas

The Pickering Nuclear power plant

View from the overlook near Scarborough

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