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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Loughbreeze Bay B&B

I stayed at several B&Bs while hiking the north side of Lake Ontario in Ontario, Canada. The B&B owners were all wonderful and helped me to understand their communities and the history of the Canadian side of this Great Lake.

Did you know that the earliest settlers to parts of Ontario along Lake Ontario were colonists who were loyal to the British Empire who fled north after the Revolutionary War?  

About a third of early settlers were not supportive of the war, and the most adamant of these people were called "Loyalists." 

After the war, they left this new country and began fresh in Canada which was still under British rule. 

The Loughbreeze B&B is nestled along the shore of Lake Ontario near the town of Colborne, Ontario

Frances Linton-Schell (on the right) and her husband, Lawrence, were gracious hosts

Loughbreeze B&B

Back yard of the B&B overlooking Lake Ontario and Presque Isle Park

The Holcim Corporation owns a limestone mine near the B&B

Frances called over to the nearby mine in order to get permission for us to walk through it. 

NOTE:  Don't enter mines without the proper permission and guide. They can be unsafe -- often blasting the walls of the mine away with dynamite -- and it is illegal to trespass onto their property.

Limestone mining operation

Frances gives me a tour of the large mine

The mine offloads limestone directly onto ships at their dock

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