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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lake Ontario Waterfront Trail Part 1

The Waterfront Trail stretches from the city of Niagara-on-the-Lake to the Quebec border in Ontario, Canada. 

I hiked 146 miles of the trail last month from the city of Belleville to Toronto.  

From the Website for the trail:

Do More on the Shore!

The Waterfront Trail has been an instrumental part of Lake Ontario’s regeneration. Along it you will find a 900 km [that's about 560 miles!] celebration of nature and culture - where peaceful countryside, small towns and big cities are linked in bringing Lake Ontario to this province's residents and visitors, alike. Enjoy it for a day. Or make it a summer-long adventure. The Waterfront Trail will let you discover the Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River waterfront...and what it can mean to you.

The Waterfront Trail represents a whole new way of thinking about the Lake Ontario and St Lawrence River waterfronts that emphasizes the links between ecological health, economic vitality, and a sense of community. It has helped inspire people to rediscover and improve the lakeshore, and been part of a transformation of under-utilized and environmentally degraded lands to vibrant places with businesses and jobs, parks and recreational facilities, natural habitats, cultural venues and attractions.

The trail is marked with this symbol along the way

Helpful signage at a turn

View from the trail west of Port Hope

I always stopped at fruit stands along the road!

Me and Lake Ontario!

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