The 1,000-Mile Great Lakes Adventures

Friday, July 24, 2009

Segment 8 Day 8 Green Bay->Denmark 20 miles

High of 78 degrees. July 21

The entire perimeter of Lake Michigan is around 1,400 miles (higher estimates include the distance around each of the lake's many islands). My Lake Trek route is 1,000 miles and cuts across the Door Peninsula from Green Bay to the city of Manitowoc.

This day took me halfway across the peninsula to the city of Denmark, Wisconsin. Actually, it was easier to be dropped off by Vickie in Denmark, then walk my way back to Green Bay.

There is a 'rails to trails' project in Denmark where many miles of an unused railroad have been converted into a biking/hiking trail.

The country is beautiful along this route with rolling hills and rich farmland (and at least one 'Snow White' fan).

The last photo is of one of the many paper mills along the Fox River in Green Bay. White pelicans swam in the river in this area, and they were the first I had seen around the bay or lake.

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