The 1,000-Mile Great Lakes Adventures

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Trek Draws Near

I was out at The Lake again today. I admit it: as The Trek draws near, I'm drawn even more strongly to the lake.

I was out at South Haven and Saugatuck in West Michigan. I had the distinct pleasure of visiting Black River Books in South Haven. This is one of my favorite used bookstores. Dick and Pam Haferman (in the picture to the right) LOVE books. They've been collecting them (actually, amassing would be a better word) for many years and finally opened their store in 2007.

I always buy a stack of books there and have to leave behind another stack of books that I would like to give a new home, too. They have a great eye for books and
stock many vintage sets that I'd love to move into my office.

(They also have two affable labradoodles in the store--Dewey and Booker--who are as friendly as their owners.)

The ice is beginning to break up. You can hear it groan and snap when you're near.

Only 13 days until the Trek begins!


  1. i'm a friend of vickie's. she gave me one of your postcards yesterday and i must say that i was immediately drawn to the idea of this trek!! i'm a huge lover of nature and water and the beach. i'm so looking forward to following you on this journey! good luck and go in peace!