The 1,000-Mile Great Lakes Adventures

Friday, March 27, 2009

Segment 2, Day 3 North of St. Joseph>South Haven 15 Miles!

High of 55 degrees.

Since there was no place to spend the night where Ben and I ended up after day 2's trek, my brother, Phil (in the middle in the photo to the left), picked us up and took us back to St. Joseph's to spend the night.

It was strange to travel those many miles in just a few minutes after Ben and I had taken hours along the beach to get so far.

This last day took us past another nuclear power plant, the Palisades Plant. Just north of the plant, we passed through the Van Buren State Park, a lovely, rustic place with tall, wooded dunes.

We had to scale some rock jetties on our way to South Haven, and Ben loved that.

In the last hours of the day, we passed the largest remains of the sheet ice of the winter.

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  1. so nice that your son could join you. this will be something he will always remember and cherish about his mom, i'm sure. i've never thought about how the ice around a lake would melt -- from the outer edges in or vice versa?? the ice remains are quite intriguing to me. enjoying your posts very much! take care!