The 1,000-Mile Great Lakes Adventures

Friday, March 27, 2009

Segment 2, Day 2 Stevensville>North of St. Joseph 22 Miles!

This was the longest day of the trek so far: 22 miles!

High of 61 degrees.

The maple sap is rising now. The photo on the left shows one lot where the maples were tapped and gallon jugs tied there to gather the sap.

The beginning of this day --heading north from Stevensville--gave us an unfriendly, sheer shoreline with many places where large boulders were placed to slow down erosion. We kept trying to make it down to the shore, but it was not until St. Joseph that the bluffs gave way to a walking-friendly beach.

We had a fantastic lunch at Cafe Tosi in St. Joseph (one of my favorite places on the lake). After lunch we visited Forever Books, and independent bookstore in the town. Then, we had many miles to go to our pick-up point, so we hit the trek again, heading north through Benton Harbor and past some of the tallest bluffs on the lake.


  1. i'm sure it is disappointing when you can't walk down close to the water but it looks like you had some gorgeous views from up high. glad you're getting to eat at fun spot for luch and the bookstores! oh to visit all those bookstores!!!

  2. It has been great to visit all the bookstores, but torturous to not be able to buy books (since I'd have to carry them). I did send my brother to the store in St. Joe to buy a book I had to have about the history of that town.