The 1,000-Mile Great Lakes Adventures

Friday, March 20, 2009

Segment 1, Day 4 Portage, IN>Michigan City, IN 18 miles

High of 43 degrees.

This day I saw the last of the big industry along the lake. I had one steel mill and the massive Port of Indiana
to skirt, then I shot out to
the lake at Dune Acres where I met Harold (in photo to the right). He retired from working at Midland Steel after 35 years. He worked in the coal house slitting steel. Here they would take large rolls of steel and slit it down to smaller rolls for companies like Whirlpool or the car companies. He's now retired, but works part time in the Dune Acres community as a grounds and maintenance guy. He was checking out the flooding (yes, that's the playground underwater behind him).

I finally got out to the lake, all bundled up for the cold and windy day. There are still occasional chunks of ice on the beach, but they are covered with sand.

After walking the beach for about 5 miles, I drew near to Michigan City (in photo to right). After a total of 18 miles of trekking in the progressively colder day and with the last couple of miles on the shoulder of US12 and through Michigan City neighborhoods, I limped up to the Feallock House Bed & Breakfast. There the owner, Janet Smith, greeted me with a level of hospitality and excitement about the Lake Trek that I hadn't yet experienced.

More about this in Day 5!

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