The 1,000-Mile Great Lakes Adventures

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Great Lakes Sand Pirate

I've met many fascinating people on my 
adventures exploring our Great Lakes: people living on the edge of these waters, fishermen working on the surface, scientists delving into the depths to learn about these vast inland seas, and many, many more.

Janet Moore Schrader and I bonded over our mutual connection to Lake Michigan. We both clam it as our "favorite place." 
I walked all the way around the lake in 2009, and Janet has been walking her portion of the shoreline in southwest Michigan virtually every day for over a decade. On those beach strolls, Janet has collected beach glass, crinoids (fossilized ancient sea creatures), Petoskey stones and chain corals (fossilized ancient corals), and other interesting beach finds.

Janet Moore Schrader with a string of crinoids she found in a single year

She also developed a love of sand sculpting and learned all she could about the art. And she began giving classes on sand sculpting as a 
self-proclaimed "Sand Pirate."

Janet has now opened a store to meet the growing demand for sand sculpting classes and beach-related crafts.

"Sand Pirate" store at 9792 Red Arrow Highway in Bridgman, Michigan

Janet is a master sand sculptor. She gives classes at her new store, or by appointment on the beach. She gave me a mini-class about sculpting sand:

The store's sandbox

Her sand creations on the beach go beyond the classic sand castles. She's sculpted dragons with smoking nostrils, mermaids, octopi, and other watery creatures. 

Her shop has room for large groups to do beach crafts under her direction

Sand and stone art projects

Sea glass art

Learn more about Janet and her new store HERE. 

Janet even coated her desk with SAND! 

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