The 1,000-Mile Great Lakes Adventures

Monday, July 2, 2012

Critters Along the Lakeshore

Watchful Rabbit 

Freshwater Snail

 I have hiked many remote and wild areas of the lakeshore and they are full of wildlife.

Just south of Alpena, I walked through Squaw Bay.  That's where I saw these freshwater snails thriving.

Many Freshwater Snails

Amphibians are vulnerable to toxins, so I was always glad to see leopard frogs.  They are a reliable indicator species that the water in the area is healthy.

Leopard Frog

White-tailed Deer

I saw many deer in the Northern Michigan woods.  Often a spotted fawn trailed a watchful doe.

Baby Groundhog

This baby groundhog was more curious than afraid of me.  
This snake was sleeping on the lakeshore near Cross Village, but it coiled into a defensive position when I approached.  Thanks to my Facebook friends for helping to identify it as a Northern Water Snake!  

Northern Water Snake

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