The 1,000-Mile Great Lakes Adventures

Monday, February 1, 2010

Revisiting the Lake Trek: Segment 6

This segment spanned the 147 miles between Suttons Bay and Mackinaw City, Michigan. It included both the Grand Traverse and Little Traverse Bays, and Fisherman's Island State Park and Wilderness State Park.

I reached the half way point of the trek on this segment, reaching 500 miles within sight of the Mighty Mac Bridge.

Some of the most interesting geology was on this segment in Antrim County where there is an enormous deposit of shale. I was joined along part of this county by Gerry and her two fun dogs, Miss Sadie and the Cowboy.

Then, my college friend, Rick, joined me for a few hours along Little Traverse Bay.

Near Cross Village, I saw the biggest collection of zebra mussel shells tossed up on the beach and bleached almost completely white by the sun.

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  1. Loreen, it was so much fun to watch this! It was almost like being back on the beach, trotting along in your wake as you covered miles and miles. I've been following your posts, and it seems that you've been doing a lot of post-trek reflection and research. I can hardly wait to read the book. You know my motto: The Great Lakes. Don't mess with 'em. I mean it. Thanks for letting us share the adventure.

  2. Hi Gerry,

    We had a gorgeous day to walk together, didn't we? It seemed like the birds grouped and posed for us.

    You, Miss Sadie and the Cowboy can join me on the lakeshore anytime.