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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Great Lakes Book & Supply: Presentation of carved walking stick

In June I had an event at 
Great Lakes Book & Supply in Big Rapids, Michigan.
It was there that master woodcarver, 
Bette Hartig
presented me with a walking stick 
that she created for me.

Accepting the walking stick from Bette Hartig (right)

A map of my first adventure around Lake Michigan

This is more than a walking stick, though, it is a work of art that chronicles my adventures. 

The state flag 

My second adventure

It even has a compass embedded in the top so I never lose my way.

Compass above the Mackinac Bridge

Bette in her workshop

After the event, Bette invited me to see where she created the walking stick. She has an amazing workshop where she teaches others the art of carving wood.

Bette with her table saw

I was deeply moved by this gift and grateful that Bette shares my love of the Great Lakes.

A bit of carving advice from Bette:

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