The 1,000-Mile Great Lakes Adventures

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Strange Sightings Along the Hike

Robin VW breast

Action figure arm

This robin sculpture stood outside a gallery in Harbor Springs.  The red breast is the hood from an old VW vehicle.  

 I hiked a long stretch of US23 along Saginaw Bay and saw many of these pieces of action figures along the edge of the road.  

Action figure legs

Maybe they were a Happy Meal toy in the area?  Maybe some kid liked to tie them onto a string and drag them behind the car until they fell apart?  

Action figure arm

This seagull slide fit in nicely with the view along Tawas Bay.

Seagull Slide

This Jesus statue presided over Dinosaur Gardens Prehistoric Zoo in Ossineke, Michigan. 
Jesus clearly has the whole world in his hand. 

Jesus holding world

 I've passed many banana peels while hiking on the roadside.  This one seemed to beckon to me, longing for a pratfall.  

Pratfall anyone?

 This old motel not only had color tv, but color tv by RCA!

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