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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Around Lake Michigan in a DUGOUT CANOE!

Many people have contacted me in search of information about Lake Michigan:  Can I walk the shoreline between these two cities?  How can I help protect the lake?  I'm a sailor...what are the best cities to visit with marinas?
Mary Catterlin and Amy Lukas

Amy Lukas contacted me recently with a unique question:  My friend Mary and I are going to paddle around Lake Michigan in a dugout canoe that she made.  Can you tell us about any obstacles on the shoreline?

Well, this caught my attention!
I met up with Amy in the town of St. Joseph for lunch yesterday so we could discuss their adventure.

Turning a 2000-pound cottonwood trunk into a canoe!

Sealing the boat
The boat is almost complete.  They will attach two outriggers and a sail soon and test it on Lake Michigan.  Their launch date is July 1.
Isn't it beautiful?

 Follow their adventure HERE.
Trial run

My path may cross theirs when I hike some of Lake Michigan's shoreline later this summer!  Keep a lookout for Mary and Amy on the lake and cheer them on!

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  1. Those are some gutsy girls! I'll be watching their adventure and rooting them on.