The 1,000-Mile Great Lakes Adventures

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Fan Mail!

There is that moment in the life of a published writer when their book goes out into the world.

The writer wishes it well.

And then the waiting begins...and the questions:

Will the book find readers? Will readers find the book? What will readers think? Will they share it? Tell others about it?

I have been extremely thankful that some of my readers have taken the time to write e-mails or letters to me to tell me that they read and enjoyed -- and are now sharing -- my book.

Here are just a few excerpts from the fan mail I have received.

Have always thought I knew much about my Lake, but your book certainly opened my eyes and has given me some destinations for exploring! Thanks for sharing your vision, experiences, love to such a vital resource! Can't wait to send your book to my sister in New Jersey! We grew up near Sleeping Bear and I know she will enjoy your story too!

You have accomplished a feat that will inspire thousands of people. Pressing on through the trials and hardships says a lot about your strength of spirit.

I have finished your book and it was wonderful. You are one brave lady to go so much of the way alone and in such desolate areas and dangerous areas. There were so many times I felt like was there on the walk with you. Your descriptions painted the scenes so well.

Some were from fellow hikers:

So many people have called or written to me to tell me about your story -- I just want you to know that it warmed my heart every time someone mentioned it. There's not many like us out there. I know the high moments, I know the low moments . . . and I know the ability to just keep moving on.

You have rekindled our fire, and we will definitely get a couple more segments of our own trek completed this summer. Our ultimate goal is the lighthouse at the end of the Leelanau peninsula.

And some people were even inspired to take action:

I think you have given me the idea of what I might get involved in when I retire. The lake and its preservation would be a fitting endeavor to a lifelong love with the Great Lakes.
Thank you for writing this book and taking this journey.

Thank you all so much
for taking the time to write!


  1. Reen, this is all sooooooooooo wonderful! I am following your success with a huge 1000 mile smile.

  2. Bren! Thanks! I can see you smile from here!