The 1,000-Mile Great Lakes Adventures

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Segment 7 Day 7 Fayette State Park->Top of Garden Peninsula 17 miles

High of 72 degrees. July 8

I began today at the Fayette State Park on the west side of the Garden Peninsula. The undulating shoreline of the peninsula is fantastic if you're a kayaker or a walleye or a duck, but not so great for a hiker. Each little indentation in the shoreline has a pocket of wetlands. In addition, there are sheer limestone cliffs at points with a narrow shelf of broken limestone between the cliff and the water. I stayed on Rt183 all day as I headed north up the peninsula and enjoyed many views of the lake (or Big Bay de Noc) along the way.

There are, as you might expect from its name, many farms on the Garden Peninsula. It was a gorgeous day to walk most of the length of this spoke of land which reaches over 20 miles into the lake. I even saw a nesting osprey near the city of Garden.

There were many limestone outcroppings along the way, and the limestone (a very hard type called dolomite) is the reason that this peninsula is here. When the glaciers made their way through this area, the limestone was hard enough to resist being scraped away entirely. Wisconsin's Door Peninsula also has these dolomite deposits, as do the string of islands between the two peninsulas.

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