The 1,000-Mile Great Lakes Adventures

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Segment 5, Day 3 Arcadia->Frankfort 12 miles

High of 61 and windy!

I had hoped to hike all the way to Platte River Campground this day, a distance of over 20 miles. After hiking 17 the day before, though, and waking up not feeling very well, I wisely decided to split this distance between the next two days and stay the night in Frankfort.

I hiked US22 from Arcadia to Frankfort since it hugged the lake and also had several scenic turnouts which gave me sweeping views of the lakeshore. It climbed several steep hills along the way, the tallest was over 1000 feet (according to my GPS), a distance of over 400 feet above the lake.

I took a break in a cemetery and remembered the saying 'you can rest when you're dead!' In Frankfort, I drank from the town's mineral spring which promised healing properties.

I also visited The Bookstore there (check out link in sidebar). I had stopped in to this store in the winter before the trek had even started and it was kind of amazing to stop in again and tell them that I'd hiked all the way from Chicago to their store.

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