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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Boldt Castle

Passing under the Thousand Island Bridge

While exploring the St. Lawrence River, I hiked Heart Island, the location of Boldt Castle. 
This castle is connected to great sorrow, because when George C. Boldt (owner of the Waldorf Hotel in New York City) was having it built as a gift for his wife, Louise, she died. The exterior of the summer mansion was finished and the interior was swarming with over 300 craftsmen working to complete the job.

A smaller building on the island that housed the power generators

Heartbroken, Boldt sent a telegram telling the workers to lay down their tools and leave the island. The building remained unfinished for decades.

The main entry

The Thousand Islands Bridge Authority obtained the island in 1977 and have been restoring the property ever since.

Glass dome

Finished bedroom

View from the room

Exterior still undergoing restoration

Dining room

It is quite a castle, and a fascinating story that I'll share more of in my upcoming book.


The nearby boathouse

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