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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Back in the Day: A Manitoulin Island Game

While on Manitoulin Island, I met 
Marion Seabrook. She was born on the island (actually on an island in a lake on Manitoulin Island).

Marion's love of Manitoulin Island runs so deep that she teamed up with a local artist, Richard Edwards, to create a game, 
Back in the Day
based on the island and the rich history there.

Marion Seabrook explains the game to me at her home

Currency of the game, the Canadian "shin plaster" (because soldiers used to put them in their boots to keep the buckle from rubbing on their shins)

The game covers the history of the island in the late 1800s

Historic photos are an integral part of the game

When I got home, I played the game with my son, Lucas, and my nephews, Nathan and Seth.

Lucas locates the historic photo that correlates with the spot he landed on

These guys are serious gamers and they loved Back in the Day! 
 Nathan said, "Great game, and you learn things while you play." 
Lucas said, "This game is really fun."

Nathan (left) reads question to Seth (right)

The game board in play

Currently, the game is only sold on Manitoulin Island. You can find it at Jack's Farm Museum in Mindemoya (where Marion lives) or in Kagawong at Edwards Gallery.

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  1. Fun! Just sent link to this post to a couple of friends who have enjoyed time on Manitoulin.