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Friday, August 23, 2013

The Battle of Lake Erie Reenactment

"I am Josiah Briggs!"

...or I will be him (briefly) for the historic reenactment of the Battle of Lake Erie this Labor Day! Josiah Briggs was an American private who served on the schooner Scorpion in this historic naval battle. 

This historic clash marked the first time the British Navy ever lost a battle. The Americans captured the entire squadron of British ships.

Commodore Perry wrote the famous message to his superiors to tell of the Victory:

"We have met the enemy and they are ours!"

Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial on South Bass Island

It is perfect timing to have this historic reenactment take place when I am embarking on my third Great Lakes Adventure, this time exploring many of the islands of the Great Lakes! This experience will be part of my third book, 


which will be published by Crickhollow books of Milwaukee in 2015.

Learn more about this historic event at:

And about my participation HERE


  1. I took my girls there this summer. Your adventures were part of the reason I started looking at the other Great Lakes. Our favorite beach is West Beach on Lake Michigan. The difference between a beach on Lake Michigan and a beach on Lake Erie was amazing.

    1. I'm glad my book encouraged you to explore more of the Great Lakes region! Yes, Lake Erie is quite different from Lake Michigan. The glaciers dumped a lot of clay and dirt into that basin.

      The islands of Lake Erie are geologically unique. I hope you got out to Kelleys Island to see the preserved glacial grooves there.

      Keep exploring our Great Lakes!

  2. whats you email we have a project on the battle of lake erie reenactment. we have some questions to ask you.