The 1,000-Mile Great Lakes Adventures

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Importance of Libraries

While touring the Pottawatomie Lighthouse on Rock Island, WI, 
I saw this wonderful piece of history:

The transportable library that the lighthouse service used

These lovely wooden boxes were jammed with books and were fully transportable. 
They could be swapped between lighthouses bringing new worlds to the keepers of the lake lights and their families.

Volunteer keeper shows me the inside of the library

 Imagine the excitement when a fresh library arrived in these remote outposts along the lakeshore!

While on Power Island in Grand Traverse Bay, I saw this festive little house:

Turns out it's an updated version of the little library.

Visitors to the island can borrow a book 
or add a book to the collection.

I think this is the only place where you find the author Jane Austen
shelved right next to Dorothy Allison.
Yes, Pride and Prejudice with Bastard out of Carolina.

I loved it!

I read two chapters of Bastard out of Carolina before kayaking back to Bowers Harbor!

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