The 1,000-Mile Great Lakes Adventures

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Fellow Adventurer!

Many people have contacted me about my 
1000-Mile Great Lakes Adventures 
and they've told me about what 
challenge they are going to undertake. 
Many have sought me out to ask questions about the logistics of hiking a thousand miles...twice!

Recently, a good friend of my son, Ben, contacted me for advice.

Josh DeLacy is a thoughtful young man 
and he is on a unique journey. 

Josh DeLacy

From his blog:

The Mission

I am hitchhiking across America in search of stories, and I have some guidelines for my trip:
  • No money: no cash, no checks, no cards.
  • No interstates: stick to small towns and back highways.

Really? No money? No credit cards?

If you've followed my adventures, you know that if it's going to be a cold night and there's a B&B nearby, I stay at the B&B. 
They are delightful! They even cook you breakfast!

Josh is undertaking an adventure mixed with a social experiment:
Who will pick him up and give him a ride?
Will he be met with kindness along the way, or with anger?
How is America doing along the byways and almost forgotten places?

It's a brave and bold experiment and 
I've enjoyed following his journey so far...from Seattle all the way to Michigan...

Cabin built in 1880 in Eastern Washington 

Colville, WA

Highway 2 in Montana

Josh in Minnesota with some of the people who have been kind to him along the way

That's right. Josh is "Traveling On Trust" in search of the heart of America. You can find out more of the "whys" of his undertaking and follow his adventure here:

And while you're there, check out 
"The Inspirations" tab on the blog to find out who has inspired this young man...

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