The 1,000-Mile Great Lakes Adventures

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Johnson's Island

The first island I explored on my new adventure 
JOHNSON'S ISLAND in Sandusky Bay on Lake Erie.

Deer on Johnson's Island

The quarry on the interior of the island is now an inland bay with a luxury development

Me, my sister Leslie, and cousins Gina and Carrie

There is rich history on this diminutive island connected to the Civil War

Graveyard where the Confederate POWs were buried if they died while on the island

This statue overlooks the bay at the cemetery, forever keeping watch

I will explore many more Great Lakes islands on 
my new adventure!


  1. Never heard of this island before, but it looks rich in natural and human history.

    1. It's only a three-mile walk to get around the island, but, yes, there is rich history in the place. The entire island is a gated community, so I was able to get there at the invitation of my cousins who have a cabin there. I'll tell more stories of this island (and many others) in my next book!

  2. I'm definately looking forward to this adventure, enjoy!