The 1,000-Mile Great Lakes Adventures

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Adventure Concludes!

The final 15 miles of my 
took place in Niagara Falls, Ontario, along the Niagara River Recreational Trail. 

On October 19-20, I hiked with a fantastic group of people 
who came to the falls 
to join me for the final miles of my adventure.

We had lovely weather the first day, hiking among the bright colors of fall.  Our break the first day was at a winery along the way. We stopped for wine and cheese. 

That's classy hiking!

My sister (Leslie), Me, and my cousin (Milene)

Hiking amidst the fall leaves

Niagara River merging with Lake Ontario

Hikers Day 1 at Brock's Monument

Hikers Day 2

Overlooking the Niagara River

Hikers celebrate the end of the hike

The Falls

I'd like to thank everyone who came to Niagara to celebrate the finale of my hike, people who have followed my adventure, and to all of you who care about our Great Lakes.

I will continue to blog about issues effecting our Great Lakes.

The book about this hike, 
will be released in early 2013.
Please watch for it at your favorite independent bookstore, and watch the sidebar here for my upcoming book tour and speaking engagements. 

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  1. Is that Mary and Amy??

    Just found this blog and am enjoying it. Now it's time to go to the begining and follow your footsteps from the start.

    All the best, Everett