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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Book Review in Women 2 Women Magazine

A big thank you to Leslie Charles who wrote this book review for the upcoming issue of
Women 2 Women Michigan Magazine.
[Reprinted with permission.]

Michigan’s Write Stuff

She might be described as an ordinary middle-class, middle-aged woman but Loreen Niewenhuis is anything but. She’s a woman who had an extraordinary vision, dream, or passionate goal (call it what you will) and unlike most of her counterparts or peers, she fulfilled it.

In her book, “A 1000-Mile Walk on the Beach” (Crickhollow Books) Niewenhuis chronicles her journey around Lake Michigan. Think of journey as in “walk.” Yes, step-by-step, she walked around her favorite place in all the world, Lake Michigan.

In a counter clockwise trajectory, she hoofed it, starting and ending at the Navy Pier in Chicago. I must admit my eyes teared up at the end of her trek where, accompanied by her family she was welcomed by admirers and followers of her journey.

Overcoming personal fears, physical challenges (including bleeding blisters and a rogue gall bladder and pancreas attack) this plucky woman stayed true to her passion of getting to know the lakeshore at an intimate level and studying its history so that each reader may emerge enlightened and invigorated.

On all levels, the author delivers, with honesty, gentle authority, and a restrained excitement for what she accomplished. Feeling a little stale, restless, or vaguely unfulfilled? Follow her advice and “live your life as an adventure.”

What is your secret dream, passion, or vision, and will you ever fulfill it? Read this book and take on the challenge Niewenhuis leaves her readers with: “I urge you to find those things and take them on, to launch out on an adventure to find yourself, be it on a weekend or weeks, be it a few miles or a thousand.”

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C. Leslie Charles, author and speaker, one who pursues everyday life with a passion.

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