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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ellsworth Shale

During my visit to Torch Lake, I met up with Gerry Sell (and her dogs Miss Sadie and the Cowboy). They walked with me during my lake trek along the shoreline just north of Elk Rapids.

This time, they walked with me along their 'home stretch' of the lake just south of Barnes Park near Eastport.

Gerry pointed out the Ellsworth Shale deposit in the area. This shale is greenish and is found south of the Antrim (grey) shale outcropping.

In the photos above, you can see the shale deposits extending out into the lake.

Check out the link to Gerry's blog in the sidebar: Torch Lake Views.

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  1. intresting! ive been researching Ellsworth and Antrim for some time. have you found any fossils in those rocks?