The 1,000-Mile Great Lakes Adventures

Friday, June 11, 2010

Photo shoot for Grand Rapids Magazine

I got out to the lake yesterday to meet up with
Johnny Quirin, photographer for Grand Rapids Magazine. We met at Kirk Park just north of Holland, and the weather cooperated to allow the photo shoot.

Mr. Quirin favored the backdrop of these ancient dock supports, now transformed to weathered, wooden sculptures reaching out into the waves.

The article about my Lake Trek will appear in the August issue of the magazine, so look for it then. It is sold in the greater Grand Rapids metro area.


  1. Very atmospheric . . . and just great! Miss Sadie and the Cowboy are pretty excited about the whole thing. OK, me too. We will go down to the beach and do a Dance of Joy the moment the book deal is announced. We will even brave the Regional Shopping Center to purchase the August issue of Grand Rapids Magazine. This is just so good.

  2. Thanks, Gerry (and Miss Sadie and the Cowboy)! We will have to scamper together along the lakeshore when I do my book tour in your neighborhood.

    Until then!
    All the best,