The 1,000-Mile Great Lakes Adventures

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Segment 9 Day 5 Concordia University->Milwaukee 21 miles

High of 63 degrees.

August 30

The final day of Segment 9 stretched from Concordia College in Mequon down to the banks of the Milwaukee River in downtown Milwaukee. We began the day at the Schlitz-Audubon Nature Center , a fantastic organization dedicated to the enjoyment of nature and the education of youth about the environment (all photos above are from the center). Bob Bailie (in top photo), marketing director, gave us a tour.

Over 35,000 school aged kids visit the center each year. In addition, they have one of the few nature preschools in the nation on site. Stephanie and I were joined by Dave Hoover, President of the Board of Directors for the center (and Stephanie's cousin). He was our intrepid guide all the way to the river, then Stephanie and I returned to the center and finished the 7 miles up to Concordia University.

The lake was riled up this day and the waves covered much of the beach that would have normally been exposed heading south to Milwaukee. This led to the three of us 'mountain goating it,' that is climbing on rocks and scurrying up the bank to escape the waves. We were elated whenever we came across a walkable stretch of beach.

I felt like we were emerging from the wilderness as we made our way onto the park-rich shoreline of Milwaukee.

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