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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Isle Royale Sunrise

Sunrise on Isle Royale begins with a glow on the horizon, then a wash of color.

It spreads and builds as the sun creeps up over the horizon.

This sunrise was reflected in Feldtmann Lake on the island's SW corner. I could hear a moose splashing along the edge of the trees in the distance. And a beaver swam past taking inventory of his trees.

Next year, I will lead an all-women team of hikers searching for moose bones and gathering scientific data on the island. 
If you are interested, please email me at:

More info about Moosewatch Expeditions

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Moose of Isle Royale

Moose are abundant on Isle Royale. Conservative estimates put the island population at 1,500 moose, but it may be much higher.

Isle Royale moose (and video below)

There are only 2 remaining wolves on the island and the National Parks Service plans to introduce more wolves this fall.
Over the winter, the island will change as wolves form packs and claim territory. Then they will begin to cull the weaker moose from the population. 

Next year's Moosewatch Expedition will track the changes new wolves bring to this rugged island.

The bull moose skull I found this year 

In 2019, I will lead an ALL-WOMEN TEAM on a Moosewatch Expedition. We will hike a portion of the island looking for moose bones and gathering data on wildlife.

Mark Kanitz with the skull he found (above) and his original art work (below)

One hiker, Mark Kanitz (above with the antlered skull he found this year) is an accomplished wildlife artist. Check out the Isle Royale scene he painted on a moose antler (above). See more of his artwork HERE.

If you'd like more information on the Moosewatch Expedition, go HERE.

And if you'd like information on hiking on the women's team with me next May, shoot me an email at:

Skulls gathered from the field and brought back to scientists