The 1,000-Mile Great Lakes Adventures

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Fellow Adventurers Visit

Fellow adventurers, 
Mary Catterlin and Amy Lukas
came to visit me to interview me for the documentary they are putting together about their Great Lake adventure. 
In 2012, they rowed and sailed a dugout canoe -- that they made -- all the way around Lake Michigan.

Mary Catterlin (L) and Amy Lukas (R) set up cameras for the interview

They had time to check out my Advanced Elements kayak. I was a little nervous about my little boat passing the test of having these two boating women try it out...

Mary takes the kayak out for a spin

Amy takes a turn at the paddle

...but they both liked it! Since the floor of this kayak is essentially an air mattress, they were quite impressed with the comfort factor.

I'll keep you all posted about opportunities to see their documentary when it is screening in the region. 
Find their FB page HERE.

Time enough for dinner, too!

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