The 1,000-Mile Great Lakes Adventures

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Northport, Michigan, On the Rise

On my most recent adventure exploring the islands of the Great Lakes, I had time to stop in at Dog Ears Books in Northport, Michigan. 

Pamela Grath, owner of Dog Ears Books tallies my purchases

Dog Ears Books

This is a great indie bookstore with quality used books along with some new titles. Pamela lets me know when she's acquired a book about the 
Great Lakes that might interest me.

This is one of my favorite e-mails to receive: 
"I have a book for you..."
I have built an impressive Great Lakes library with the help of my friends at indie bookstores.

I was surprised by all of the change and construction in the little town of Northport.

Check it out: 

New buildings everywhere in Northport

Construction continues...

New places open...

This little lakeshore town is hopping!


  1. Loreen, thanks for the attention. Northport is indeed booming this summer -- and not only on Waukazoo Street. Maybe booming is too loud a word. Humming! Anyway, it's loyal customers and excellent writers like you who keep indie bookstores alive and thriving.

  2. Makes me want to make a stop in Northport the next time I'm in Michigan and for sure, the Dog Ear Books store.