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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Les Cheneaux Row

 While exploring the Les Cheneaux Islands, I was invited to join the 
local rowing club for a morning row. 

Of course, I said yes!

Two wooden dories await rowers at the dock

 This club builds their boats from kits made by Chesapeake Light Craft
of Annapolis, MD.

Laurel handled the rudder, Jim and Janaan handled the first two oars...

...while Mike and I handled the other two (when I wasn't taking photos)

It was surprisingly invigorating to row as a team, to time my pull with everyone else on board.

LOVE the club's motto:  "Row it like you stole it!"

For more information about paddling these islands, go HERE.
And for a great place to stay while you explore the Les Cheneauxs, check out Dancing Waters B&B.

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