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Thursday, June 26, 2014

James Berryhill, Master Boatbuilder

While in the Les Cheneaux Islands, I explored the "boat culture" that has a long history in the area.

I was delighted to meet James Berryhill who retired to the islands in the early 1980s.

James Berryhill in his workshop

A wooden canoe is almost ready for the water

He has an extensive workshop where he has built many wooden canoes (each of his grandkids receive one when they graduate high school), some duck boats, and, most recently, 
four wooden dories (with the help of the 
Les Cheneaux Row Club).

Berryhill is also an accomplished wood carver

One of the Les Cheneaux Row Club's dories

I was invited to row with the club (which, of course, I accepted). I will blog about this soon.

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