The 1,000-Mile Great Lakes Adventures

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Last 2 Miles of a 20-Mile Day

While on my book tour, I've met many people who marvel 
at the idea of hiking 1000 miles. 

Sometimes, they ask me if it was difficult and a chuckle usually escapes from me before I can suppress it. 

You see, I'm not one of those ultra-marathoners or lifelong hikers or crazy people who have to cover 20 miles a day to feel alive. 
I feel quite alive reading a book or sitting in my 
office all day writing.

So, yes, it was difficult. Some days were downright painful. But the lakes call to me and I am happiest when walking near them.

Here's a little video shot on one of the more difficult days -- 
windy, cold, walking on the side of a road, 
18 miles down and 2 miles to go. 

And it shows how I motivated myself to hike the last 2 miles of a 20-mile day.

Yes, it was difficult. 

And, YES, it was worth every step. 


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