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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Some Like it Hot...I Don't!

While hiking in April with the cold, windy weather, I looked forward to the warmer weather ahead.  When it gets much above 80 degrees, though, I tend to overheat and have to take precautions against heat exhaustion.

This is my old "wet bandana over the ears " trick

With many days above 85 degrees, I had to improve on the first method of cooling off.  I began rolling ice in my bandana at the beginning of the day and securing it around my neck.  Ahhhhhhh..... 

Hydration is always key to keeping cool, and I went through many gallons of water and sports drinks on this hike so far.

Even Ben used the wet bandana trick

"Florence of Arabia" look

On ultra-sunny days, I would wet my bandana and put it under my hat to cool me and protect me from the sun's rays.

"Little Red Riding Nerd" look 

 I found that tying the wet bandana underneath my chin was even more effective in cooling me off. Not a great look, but it beat passing out on the shores of Lake Ontario!

Of course a dip in Lake Superior was the best way 
to get out of the heat.  
Go Ben!!

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