The 1,000-Mile Great Lakes Adventures

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Prince Edward County

The county of Prince Edward is a large peninsula 
formation in the northeast corner of Lake Ontario.  
(Not to be confuse with Prince Edward Island which is on the Atlantic seaboard and is its own province.)  

Before I began my shoreline hike of Lake Ontario, I wanted to explore "The County" as this area is affectionately called by Canadians.  

Thanks to whoever made this nifty sign in the sand

The geology of this area is quite varied with a large dune system at Sandbanks Provincial Park, some marshes, limestone cliffs, and a lake formed and fed 
separately from Lake Ontario called Lake-on-the-Mountain.  It is located 150 feet above the level of Lake Ontario.

Much of the county is farmed. Much of the land has been planted with grapes for wine.
There was one large farm planted entirely in lavender.

Lavender farm

Sand dunes at Sandbanks Provincial Park


Lake-on-the-Mountain is a modern mystery that has not been completely explained by geologists.  It is over 110 feet deep and fed by multiple springs.  It was strange to stand there and see this unique lake, then look down onto Lake Ontario far below.  


  1. What a very unique place.

  2. Beautiful photos! Such an interesting place!

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