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Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Waterways Connecting Lakes Erie and Huron

The connection between Lake Erie and Lake Huron is over 80 miles of water. Huron flows into the St. Clair River that flows into Lake St. Clair, and that funnels into the Detroit River which splits around the island of Grosse Ile before blending into Lake Erie.

Two grand bridges span the rivers, making the leap to Canada. Today I caught my first glimpse of Lake Huron underneath the Bluewater Bridge!

1. Ambassador Bridge, Detroit
2. Belle Isle Bridge, Detroit
3. Grosse Pointe Yacht Club, Lake St. Clair
4. The Heather House B&B, Marine City on the St. Clair River
5. Lighthouse at Marine City on St. Clair River
6. Bridge to Bay Trail. I hiked this trail when it stayed close to the river.
7. Freighter on the St. Clair River
8. Arriving in Port Huron
9. The Bluewater Bridge. Lake Huron flows into the St.. Clair River here.
Location:Port Huron, MI

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