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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Vantage Point

Vantage Point is located in the Great Lakes Maritime Center in Port Huron where the Black River merges with the St. Clair River.

Three volunteers (Marlene, Ellen, and Mary in photo) sat down with me to tell me all about this special place.

With floor-to-ceiling windows facing the river, people gather here to hang out, play cards, visit over lunch or a donut, and (of course) watch the freighters pass by. Each passing boat is announced over a speaker system at the center. Volunteers broadcast information about each freighter including what they are hauling and where they are taking it.

There is no fee to go to Vantage Point and there is free access to WiFi for visitors. People come from all over the nation and world. "I've personally spoken with people from England, Scotland, Korea, Japan, and New Zealand," Marlene told me. "Last year we had 300,000 people pass through the center."

The center serves as a gathering place and offers events like a farmer's market and flower market in the warmer months. They also have activities for kids at times like teaching them how to fish.

Learn more at The Great Lakes Maritime Center's website
Location:Port Huron, MI

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